N-type HJT cell technology 

Heterojunction technology (HJT) is a N-type bifacial solar cell technology, by leveraging N-type monocrystalline silicon as a substratum and depositing silicon-based thin films with different characteristics and transparent conductive films on the front and rear surfaces respectively.

Combining with the benefits of crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon thin-fim technologies, HJT technology has excellent photoabsorption and passivation effects, as well as outstanding efficiency and performance. HJT panels are one of the technologies to improve the conversion rate and power output to the highest level, also represent the trend of the new generation of solar cell platform technology.

Less degradation

Comparing with PERC solar modules, the first year degradation of HJT solar modules is less than 1%. After 30 years the output power is not less than 91% of the original output power.

Optimized Temp. Coefficient

REGITEC HJT solar modules have Excellent weak light performance. When under cloudy, haze condition, weak light performance help gets more production.
The temperature coefficient of a PERC solar module is -0.35%/℃, a HJT solar module is -0.24%/℃. A temperature coefficient rating of -0.24%/℃, supports HJT solar panels to generate up to 4% more power than PERC solar panels at high temperatures.




375W-400W, efficiency 22%, 1755*1038*30mm,

All black design

30 years product warranty


455W-475W, efficiency 21,80%,


30 years product warranty


375W-400W, efficiency 22%,


30 years product warranty


455W-475W, efficiency 21,80%, 2092*1036*4,5mm, Frameless design

30 years product warranty


680W-700W, efficiency 22,50%,


30 years product warranty

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