N-type TOPCon cell technology 

A TOPCon cell applies cutting-edge and high-efficiency passivation contact technology, and uses a micro-nano tunneling oxide layer and a carrier-selective microcrystalline silicon film laminated functional structure on the back. This innovative structure demonstrates a two-way improvement in passivation performance and electrical conductivity, which brings significant improvements in cell conversion efficiency and power generation performance. The highest efficiency of N-type cell is close to 25% in mass production, showing broad application prospects.

TOPCon cell structure

Less degradation

Comparing with PERC solar modules, the first year degradation of TOPCon solar modules is less than 1%. After 30 years the output power is not less than 87.40% of the original output power.

REGITEC TOPCon warranty chart

Optimized Temp. Coefficient

REGITEC TOPCon solar modules have Excellent weak light performance. When under cloudy, haze condition, weak light performance help gets more production.
The temperature coefficient of the PERC solar panel is -0.35%/℃, TOPCon solar panel is -0.30%/℃. A temperature coefficient rating of -0.30%/℃, supports TOPCon solar panels to generate up to 2% more power than PERC solar panels at high temperatures.





345W-365W, efficiency 18.70%


25 years product warranty

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